Blog Post: Why You Need to Take Your Branding Seriously

Branding is a term that's tossed around quite a lot in the online world, and it can be hard to pin down its meaning. It's just logos and stuff, isn't it? Well, yes, it is, but it does stretch further than that. In fact, it can make or break a customer's decision to buy your products, or use your services. This is why you really need to start taking your branding seriously.

So, what is branding? Branding takes in your logo, colour scheme, business name and tagline, and even the tone of voice that you use across your marketing. You need to think of your branding like a car. It's going to transport you into the hearts and minds of your audience, so it needs to be reliable. For that, you need to invest in it, or else you'll be trailing along behind everyone else. So why is it important to get it right?

Particularly for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs, your brand represents not just your venture, but you personally too. Reflecting yourself in the colours, imagery and tone of voice gives you a connection with your audience immediately. Ensure that it's clear what your messages are, and what you stand for.

Shows you mean business
A cohesive brand establishes you as a professional who cares about quality. At a glance, this gives your audience the impression that you're an expert in your field who has products or services worth having. This is called achieving a higher perceived value, and allows you to charge what your output is actually worth.

Having an easily recognisable logo and colour scheme that stretches from your website, right across your social media and all the way to your print marketing is vital. It should match any physical premises you have too! Whatever way your audience is looking at your business, you want them to see instantly that it's you.

Attract your ideal customer
If you truly know the kind of customer or client you want to sell to or work with, you can reflect this in your branding. Think about what imagery and colour scheme they're attracted to, and craft your taglines and brand messages to specifically target those people.

Ignoring your branding can leave your target customers confused or disinterested, which means you could be missing out on sales, or working with your dream clients. Defining your brand and pinpointing the space in the market it occupies not only makes putting yourself out there easier, but it also helps you know your audience. This goes a long way to creating your brand.

Above all, before and after all the visual elements are looking good, be a brand that holds its customers dear - interact with them and ensure you're accessible. Personalising your business in this way will breed loyalty, strengthening your brand and making it known that you mean business when it comes to the customer experience. This has to go in hand with the branding itself.