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Facebook Ads

It’s now so easy to put out a Facebook ad, but it’s still crucially important to get the copy right, to maximise the impact of getting smack bang in front of your target audience. It’s got to captivate, inspire, and prompt a click straight away. Using the criteria you’ll be implementing for the ad, I write succinctly to appeal directly to those people. It doesn’t have to be all for immediate use either; I can write several lots of ad copy to and be used in the future.

Perhaps you…

-        Have just launched your business and want to appeal to all sections of your ideal audience

-        Have an exciting new product launch coming up, or a competition you want to promote

-        Just want to boost your business by having a well-deserved shout about it

An example of your investment

1 set of Facebook Ad copy including headline, tagline and main copy - £20

Email Marketing

Getting right into the inboxes of your audience is a sacred opportunity that you’re already under pressure not to waste. Striking the balance between salesy and conversational can be tricky, but that should in no way put you off from connecting with your audience. Whether you want to send product based sales emails regularly, or you just want to pop out a newsletter every month or so, I help build the perfect email with you using copy designed to make open rates and link clicks soar.

An example of your investment

Email marketing copy between 200-500 words - £50-£90

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