When you run a business because you're passionate about what you do, I believe you have something truly unique to say, and that you deserve to say it your way.



 What I aim to do is work closely with you to present your story to your customers just as you would, drawing on my experience to create copy that's fresh and memorable. It’s a collaboration, and hopefully the beginnings of a fabulous friendship.

I take the time to really drill down into what you want to get out of that format I’m writing for, in order to product authentic, honest copy with subtleties that get across to your audience what you do perfectly. This is what makes them want to invest not only in what you do, but in you too.

From that initial enquiry, to the questionnaire that helps establish your copy requirements, right through to that exciting final edit, the emphasis is on converting your passion for your craft into clients, sales, and brand messages you believe in.


What I can do... 


Brochure Copy

"Talk about myself? Talk about what I do?! God, no!" I hear you, and I'm here for you. Your story, your experience, and your business matters; I do the copy without the cringe. 

Your products and services are taken care of, and your website accurately portrays what it is that your business can do for your clients. But brochures are still so handy to give out at trade fairs, send to prospects in the post, and generally present your business in an all-encompassing way that you just can't achieve verbally. Your brochure is a stage, and I can help make it a showstopper.

It doesn't have to be sales-y, I promise. Similarly to web copy, I can weave your ethos throughout those pages, and tell your audience everything they need to know. 



Web Copy (Writing and Editing)

Need a professional to channel your excitement for your startup into copy that converts? Maybe your existing site needs a little rework when it comes to the words. Let me take the stress out of the whole thing.

I write with your passion, reaching out to your audience and connecting with them personally through the written content of your pages. I can take on single pages, or copy for an entire website. This can include your about page, taglines, calls to action, and even the contact page.

Maybe you’ve decided to write your web copy, or you’ve got existing web pages that on the whole you’re happy with, but the whole lot just needs zhooshing? I am practised in the art of zhooshing (that is a bona fide technical copywriting term, honest) and can therefore inject some ‘wow’ into your outpouring of professional passion with copyediting. It makes sense for your website, and for your wallet, and by working together we can make what you’ve got to say sparkle.


Product Descriptions

Time consuming for busy business owners, but oh-so important. Your products are already impossible to ignore, so seal the deal with thorough, descriptive copy that's equally impossible to resist.

You’ve got to pack features, benefits, specifications and that all important personality into a very small amount of text, and you’ve got to do it for each and every product; oh, and they all need to be irresistible to potential buyers too. Is that not time and energy you could be putting into making those gorgeous products, or drinking large quantities’ of wine?

Handing over your product descriptions to a copywriter doesn’t mean they’ll lose any of that special something that needs to be conveyed because the product was made by you; it just means it’s woven consistently throughout each description, whilst ensuring everything that your customers need to know is included too. That’s the kind of stuff I love doing.


Social Media & Email Marketing Copy

Facebook ads allow you to target those who will love your products or services most, and emails land straight in the inboxes of an audience you've earned through hard work. Make the most of those opportunities with copy that captures their attention, and their hearts.

It’s now so easy to put out a Facebook ad, but it’s still crucially important to get the copy right, to maximise the impact of getting smack bang in front of your target audience. It’s got to captivate, inspire, and prompt a click straight away. Using the criteria you’ll be implementing for the ad, I write succinctly to appeal directly to those people. It doesn’t have to be all for immediate use either; I can write several lots of ad copy to and be used in the future.

Getting right into the inboxes of your audience is a sacred opportunity that you’re already under pressure not to waste. Striking the balance between salesy and conversational can be tricky, but that should in no way put you off from connecting with your audience. Whether you want to send product based sales emails regularly, or you just want to pop out a newsletter every month or so, I help build the perfect email with you using copy designed to make open rates and link clicks soar.


Got something else that we'd work perfectly together on? I'm a dab hand at press releases, product descriptions, podcast scripts - you name it, if it involves head-scratchingly important paragraphs, I can help. Even if you just need an 'About' page, get in touch. 

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