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You’ve got to pack features, benefits, specifications and that all important personality into a very small amount of text, and you’ve got to do it for each and every product; oh, and they all need to be irresistible to potential buyers too. Is that not time and energy you could be putting into making those gorgeous products, or drinking large quantities’ of wine? Handing over your product descriptions to a copywriter doesn’t mean they’ll lose any of that special something that needs to be conveyed because the product was made by you; it just means it’s woven consistently throughout each description, whilst ensuring everything that your customers need to know is included too. That’s the kind of stuff I love doing.

Perhaps you…

-        Feel that your existing product descriptions need zhooshing

-        Have a new collection launching and need snappy, informative descriptions that sell

-        Know your products too well to write effective product descriptions without waffling

Perfect for Etsy/NOTHS/Folksy listings, eCommerce shops, and brochures

An example of your investment:

20 product descriptions between 50-200 words - £50-£70

Each set of product descriptions is different – contact me for a tailored quote

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