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You’re great at what you do, you’ve found the way you want to support a life you love, and you’ve got your heart set on making a difference to your audience.
Doesn’t that deserve the very best promotion?



I’m Jess, a copywriter based in sunny Sussex, who helps passionate creatives and entrepreneurs tell their story with warm, engaging copy both online, and off. By doing what I love, I enable you to get on with doing what you love, without worrying about the words.


Why work with me...

When you start to do what you love for a living, it’s not always easy to justify spending out on a writer, but can it can truly take your craft from side hustle to serious business. Having a copywriter on your side with a solid knowledge of what works for brands and creatives with varying ambitions can make the way you communicate with your audience sparkle in a way that’s unmistakably you. This, as well as helping hone your goals and identify your ideal customer along the way, is what I do for passionate business owners from a range of industries.

From photographers, artists, graphic designers, makers and coaches, to cafés, creative agencies, web designers and shops; if you’re small but bursting with big ideas and aspirations, I can help attract those dream clients through the power of words.

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What my clients say...

I received a very prompt delivery of my first draft and honestly, it blew me away. It was more than I was expecting. The copy jumped off the page and had me so engaged. It filled me with confidence that my clients will feel the same. Her grasp of the ethos of my business was fantastic. If you’re looking for somebody who can really empathise with and understand what you need and what your clients want - don’t look further than Just Jess Writing.
— Ben, Grizzly Bear Brighton

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