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Your products and services are taken care of, and your website accurately portrays what it is that your business can do for your clients. But what about you? Where did you start, and what got you to where you are now? Although it may make you want to hide in a cupboard, telling that story really does make a difference to the way your brand is received. You do what you love because of who you are, and that deserves a stage of its very own. Your about page is that stage, and I can help make it a showstopper.

Perhaps you…

-        Feel your values are instrumental to your business, and want to convey that to your audience

-        Feel a bit sick at the prospect of summing yourself up

-        Find it difficult to pin down and write in your tone of voice

Through a thorough chat with you about what makes you tick, your ethos, your experience, and why you started your business in the first place, I produce an about page that woos your clients and has them not only buying from you, but heading straight to your social media pages to get a bit of you more regularly (in a completely non-weird way, of course.)

An example of your investment;

An about page between from £500-1000 words - £80-£120

Each about page is different; contact me for a tailored quote.


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